Flash Ficton

Flash fiction is taking a concept and writing a story from one sentence to 1,000 words.

5816589786_48a1edbd30_oI am taking my cue from the above photo.

Tylinda carried a basket nearly her own size full of blueberries she had swiped from Farmer Rutledge’s bushes.  They were like watermelons to her in size and would make lovely deserts to go with the mushroom and greens salad she had planned for lunch.

She took in the view of her home. Her front yard boasted mushrooms, tender grass and a low growing vine. White crystals formed a path to the eight stone steps leading to her home.

She sat her basket down and with a tired beat of her fairy wings fluttered to the top step and lifted the latch, throwing the two doors wide. She retrieved her basket and went up the stairs on foot as the basket was too heavy to fly with. She went inside, sat her basket down with a satisfied thump then shut and latched the doors from the inside.

Humming merrily, she went about fixing and having her lunch.



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