Writing Tips Wednesday

Today’s writing tip comes from a February discussion within the group Author-4-Author and I am reusing it with permission from Savannah Morgan, who runs the group on Facebook and Adri Sinclair, who started the discussion.
Adri Sinclair:
Today’s Discussion: I had a great conversation with a new editor I’m working with last weekend and she asked me a question that left me quite dumb for a moment. “What’s your core story?” I thought, uh, does she mean what my stories are about? So I start out “Well, strong women who—” “No.” Okay. I ask for a little more clarification and then I start again. “I guess I write stories because I can’t fix what’s going on in the world and I need to have hope. How do you have hope when so much in this life seems unfixable?” “THAT is your core story,” she says with an evil glint in her eye. So pretend you are having that conversation. What is at the core of you and what you write? If you had to think of a common thread between everything you’ve written, what is that worldview you come from? Go deep, people!

Thanna Avilea Setliff’s reply:

At my core, I am a two year old. WHY? How? What if? And a need for love that is raw and unconditional. I am drawn to paranormal because the world is too much of everything for me. I have a lot of illnesses, mental and physical, and it all overwhelms me, yet at the same time is so mundane there is no sparkle, no magic in it for me. I need to feel there is more out there. I have major anxiety and write about what gives it to me, always with only a small element, because if people see me, the real me, they won’t identify with me/love me/accept me. I prefer romance, because with it, you expect a HEA. If it’s in my book, it isn’t necessarily because I’ve experienced it, or want to experience it…it may be just as simple as me wondering what it’s about. For instance, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be killed by a serial killer, but I sure as hell don’t want to experience it. So my core is as varied as myself; I have many facets, and I explore them all. *runs and hides Feeling a little exposed here.

Why is this in writing tips, you wonder? Because to fully understand you and your writing, to better convey it, you need to know what it is. I have come to peace with my core story now and I think my writing is all the better for it.


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