Flash Fiction Friday


Flash Fiction is about writing a very short story that can be as small as one sentence or as long as around a thousand words. I need inspiration to write one,  so I randomly picked this picture  from http://aghsbelonging.weebly.com/visual-stimuli.html
Here I go:

Major Tom was stranded on a world of much greater size than earth. The boots of his powered armor suit, which looked like a robot, slid on the slick surface of the alien writing tablet. It was black and had Earth letters in white, but formed no words he was familiar with. A giant tree dropped a green apple just as he was nearing the edge to look down.

Major Tom bent his leg and placed it high on the firm surface, ready to push the fruit off of the ledge. He wanted to see what waited below. Just as he was about to give a mighty heave…

“Mark, supper’s ready.”

“Coming Mom.” The abandoned toy awaited its master to return at a later date and either resume the story, or begin a new adventure.

Can you do a flash fiction of your own? I invite you to write one, using either the picture or some other inspiration to pen one. Please do share in the comments below.









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