This is an important issue. Plagiarism. If you are a writer or reader or tv watcher, you have no doubt heard about the lawsuit Sherrilyn Kenyon is bringing against Cassandra Clare. You may have passed by the article, thinking it doesn’t concern you. It does. As a writer, it affects what we can label as our own as well as what we can’t. It matters who gets credit, because if you didn’t earn it, you stole it. And as a reader or viewer, or a human being in general, you have the right to know if someone has defrauded you. Some of the things I’ve heard are downright ridiculous: Sherri is only suing because Ms. Clare has a movie and t.v. series. Let’s set aside the fact –Google it–that Ms. Kenyon has had a movie and t.v. series in the work for years. How does that make plagiarism alright? Plagiarism is plagiarism regardless of why it is being pursued.  Why did it take her so long to file suit? Do any of you even know about the law? There is an old saying, give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. Also, it makes sense to gather enough proof that it can’t be thrown out. Again, I say, what does it matter. Murder is still murder 50 years later. Plagiarism is still plagiarism. She’s suing to make money. She’s a best-selling author; she doesn’t need it. AGAIN — it doesn’t matter. A crime is still a crime. Someone’s rights have been violated. Plagiarism is still plagiarism. So if you are worried about all these and other reasons why she is suing and how, you are missing the issue. Indie writers — are you not taking a stand because she is published traditionally? That’s morally wrong and cutting your nose off to spite your face. What if it were one of us bringing a lawsuit of plagiarism? What if it were YOUR ideas being stolen? I’m just going to say this: I have Sherri’s back, and any of our backs, as Indie writers, who have been plagiarized, no matter how long it takes us to file suit. Stand with me against plagiarism. Feel free to use my profile picture at 12736312_1235043523177010_1636671578_n .


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