In time for Halloween is Barbara Chioffi’s Halloween Trickery!!


Hi, I’m Thanna A. Setliff and I’ll be interviewing Barbara Chioffi.

Hello Barbara.  How are you?

I’m very good, thank you, Thanna.

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

I’m a retired music teacher and singer, having done both for over 40 years. I live with my husband, son and girlfriend, 11 cats, one dog, and a noisy bird.  Most days are spent reading, writing, and keeping up with friends on social media.

What was the definitive moment that you realized you were destined to be a writer?

I always wanted to write but that wasn’t my focus, as teacher and sometimes singer kept me busy. I think I began to formulate my own stories after reading dozens of paranormal novels by writers such as Christine Feehan, J. R. Ward, Karen Marie Moning, and others. Their characters and the various personas they adopted fascinated me, so I began my journey first with a Contemporary Romance, then moved on to Paranormal Romance.

Have you ever regretted your decision to write?  Why or why not?

A definite and emphatic, NO. Giving in to all the voices in my head is delightful. Always having a vivid imagination aids in putting your story to paper, and most of the time, the characters argue with each other for dominance, making the writing irresistible.

What genre (or genres) do you write?

I prefer Paranormal Romance, that being the focus of my writing, but I have written one ACR and have recently experimented with horror.

How long have you been writing?

Writing has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. The stories had been in my head since I was a child, but they appeared as written ideas, first in journals, then finally in complete stories that I kept mostly to myself.

How many books have you written?

Two short stories and one horror trilogy.

How many are you planning on writing as of now?

That’s a good question. J I have three or four planned… as series of shifter stories and possibly more horror tales.

What is your favorite of your works and why?

Angel Mine because it was the first to be published. Hopefully, I’ve improved and will continue to make progress as a writer.

Who is your favorite character you’ve written and why?

Justin from Lycan Love, my second short story. He embodies the characteristics, in my mind, of the perfect mate… intelligence, romantic with a sense of humor and an alpha mentality, tempered with a caring and protective nature, not to mention, he’s extremely sexy. J

Do you read books only in your genre (or genres) or do you branch out into other areas?

I’ve read books in every genre most of my life, but now focus on paranormal and romance, simply because they entertain and, in many cases, enlighten.

What other hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m an animal advocate, fiercely protective of any creature, even spiders, which are infinitely creepy…shudder. Animals are a never ending source of amusement, enlightenment, and fascination, and I feel it is our duty as the dominate species, to protect and nurture them. I love crafts… cross stitch, crochet, and coloring, although I don’t have the time for them that I would like. Patterns, especially symmetrical ones, are my preferred choices.

In closing, what advice do you have for aspiring authors?

I’m still an aspiring author with not much experience but I would offer this advice… write, write, and write. The more you write, the better you will be. It’s like practicing anything, whether it be music, painting, or exercising. You build ‘muscle’ that leads to strength.

Thank you, Thanna, for interviewing me today. I’ve enjoyed our conversation. Below, I’ve placed links to my Facebook author page and links to my books. The covers, banners, and teasers were done by my very good friend, Julie Nicholls.


Twitter: @starlite42


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