MPL: Romancing a Romance Writer

So touching

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

10923841_961623783851949_4350136433785653453_nI love my husband. I know most of my followers know that I am in love with my hubby. He works so I can stay home, he lives and breathes love for me. He lets me relax after a hard day without question. He sends me mushy text messages that make me feel so very loved. He tells me I am beautiful every day and he never forgets to kiss me goodbye or goodnight. I am grateful for him because I honestly thought I would never find the right fit for me, but there he was, in the friend zone for so long. His love and his patience wooed me, and I can sit here today and tell you that I love this man and I have no doubt anywhere in the back of my mind that I didn’t make the right choice with him.

I see and talk to people…

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