Interview with Gabriel of Claire Plaisted’s Secrets Past Aka Rosetta’s Lot *NEW

12071400_10154238693928448_188845498_nHello, I’m Thanna A. Setliff and I’m interviewing a mysterious man known only as Gabriel.  Gabriel,  from my research you don’t seem to exist before five years ago–why is that?

If I knew I’d tell you.  I have no clue to anything prior, no memories, nothing.  If you do find anything, please let me know.

That must be horrible, not knowing.  What challenges does that give you?

None so far, though I’m sure It’ll change at some stage.  People do find it weird I have only one name.

What line of work did you decide on and why?

I help others who are in danger from unknown threats.

That’s elusive, much like the women you’ve been seen with, here in White Mountians, a Rosie Cuthbert and Amanda Smith.   Are you involved with one or both of them?

I’m  taking in the scenery and of course the lovely women… He smiles slowly.  I met both ladies at the hotel bar.  What can I say!

I see.  Can you tell us what brought you to White Mountians?  Is this a business or pleasure trip?

Business and if I have my way…he smirked…maybe a bit of pleasure too

What do you think of the biker guy, Brock, who has been following Rosie?

Brock!  Not a problem, if he becomes on then I’ll just stand on him and tell him to back off.

What can you tell us about the attempt on Rosie Cuthbert’s life? 

I was talking to her one evening, she’s lovely company and quite volatile if she doesn’t get her own way.  I wasn’t aware there was an attempt on her life…he frowned…she didn’t mention it.

Not giving me much to go on, are you? Alright, let’s switch to more neutral topics.  Did you find yourself automatically gravitating to any hobbies, or have you been learning what you like? 

I’m not home much, so hobbies are a thing f the past – which f course I don’t’ know anything about.  Can be bothersome at times.  I must admit to enjoying a good read.

What are some of your hobbies?

Find me a good book, which twists and turns and you ca’t work out the ending and I’ll be very appreciative.

In parting, what have you learned that you think that you’ve discovered would be most valuable to our readers?

Take care around beautiful woman, some are more dangerous than others J


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