Interview of Malachy Garret from Claire Plaisted’s Hidden Secrets, formally published as Malachy’s Unit.


Claire Plaisted’s Hidden Secrets, formally published as Malachy’s Unit.

Hello, I’m Thanna A. Setliff and tonight I’ll be interviewing the suave and handsome Malachy Garret:

Hello, Mr. Garrett.  May I call you Mal?  Tell us what you do for a living.

Hey Thanna, lovely to meet you, if you don’t mind I’d prefer to be called Malachy. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you folks about my Investigation Agency which I have owned for the last three years.  It has been a huge struggle to go from being a Field Agent which I loved to what call an office droid, even though I am the boss.  Office work I find irritating and exceedingly boring.

I see.  What is your age and how did you come to own Garrett Investigations?

I am glad you see…sips a glass of water and smirks as Thanna rolls her eyes… I don’t tend to give out my age, let’s just say I’ve not hit my third decade yet, not quite anyway.

I inherited Garrett Investigation Bureau after my father’s death.  He was murdered, and though the culprit has never been identified, I have a good idea who it was.  Anyway, as I said I inherited the business along with all the staff and I hate every minute of been in an office.  I need someone to take over so I can get back out in the field again.

That’s sad.  Were you close to your parents?

I don’t remember my mother.  She died when I was about 18 months old.  My father never remarried, his life was the Agency.  Dad was amazing though sad.  I know he missed my mother.  I’ve never seen a person that deeply in love before.

Moving to safer topics, how do you unwind in the evenings?

A nice whiskey on the rocks and a good book; is what I enjoy in the evenings. Make it a real book, not those eBooks everyone is buying now, bloody horrible things.  I’m not overly social, though I do attend the required charity functions which my business sponsors or those which good friends are hosting

(slyly) And what do you think of your employees, particularly one Anastasia Belaruski?

My employees are a dangerous bunch, glad I’m not the enemy to tell you the truth.  Ms Belaruski  is probably one of my most dangerous agents, well other than Sylvia Carson who we call the Dragon Lady.

Can you confirm rumors that the two of you are in a relationship?

Sylvia is too old for me…Oh you mean Ms Belaruski…smirks…This is a delicate matter at present.  Let’s put it mildly – we are getting to know each other.

Why Ana?–you’re suave, handsome and rich, you could have nearly any woman.

I can’t court Ms Belaruski, it’s against our employment rules.  Ahem, well until I change the policy.  I have a vibe with Ana…another sip of water… I’d like to find out where it will take us, or if it is a false lead.  I have dated a few socialites in the last few years, though when I was a Field Agent it isn’t possible. It’s too dangerous.

I see.  She is one lucky lady! 

Thanks you Thanna, that’s a lovely thing to say. However, Ana is not into me and certainly not into relationships.  I would consider myself a very lucky man if Anastasia would be mine.

I’m sure girls are crawling all over you.  How do you fend off advances, now that you’re off the market?

Now you’re making me blush.

Tell us some of your hobbies.

Sadly at present it is all work and no play, so hobbies are on hold right now.  I will admit to having a fabulous library, I love collecting old books, they sell divine.

What would you say is your biggest weakness?  Women, guns–chocolate maybe?

I don’t have a weakness and if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyway or my enemies might find out.   (Mal chuckles)

So who has had the biggest influence in your life and why?

Other than my father Joseph!  Hmmm, it would probably be Rosie who owned the Training Centre where all our agents are trained, well until her murder a few months ago.

Last but not least what is the main piece of advice you want my readers to know?

Stay safe and out of trouble.  If you do get into trouble call us on  XXXXX and let us know how we can help you.


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